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Fishing vessel marking and technical specifications
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2.1 General requirements
2.1.1 Each member of the Commission shall ensure that operators of vessels:
(a) are required to mark the vessels for their identification with their International
Telecommunication Union Radio Call Signs (IRCS);
(b) are required to mark vessels to which an IRCS has not been assigned, with the characters allocated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to the member of the Commission concerned or such other characters of national identification as may be required under bilateral fishery agreements and followed by, as appropriate, the fishing authorization or vessel registration number assigned to the vessel by the member of the Commission concerned. In such cases, a hyphen shall be placed between the nationality identification characters and the licence or registration number identifying the vessel.

2.1.2 Whichever system is used from 2.1.1. (a) or (b) above, that identifier shall, hereinafter be
called the WCPFC Identification Number (WIN).

2.1.3 The members of the Commission shall ensure that:
(a) apart from the vessel’s name or identification mark and the port of registry as may be required by international practice or national legislation, the WIN as specified shall be the only other vessel identification mark consisting of letters and numbers to be painted on the hull or superstructure;

(b) the requirement for the marking of fishing vessels with the WIN is a condition for authorization to fish in the Convention Area beyond areas of national jurisdiction;

(c) the following are offences under national legislation:
(i) non-compliance with these specifications;
(ii) non-marking or wrongful marking of vessel;
(iii) deliberate removal or obstruction of the WIN;
(iv) the use of the WIN allocated to another operator or to another vessel; and

(d) offences listed in paragraph 2.1.3.(c) above may be grounds for refusing
authorization to fish.

2.2 Markings and other technical specifications
2.2.1 Each member of the Commission shall ensure that the operator displays the WIN in the English language prominently at all times:
(a) on the vessel's hull or superstructure, port and starboard. Operators may place fixtures that are inclined at an angle to the vessel's side or superstructure provided that the angle
of inclination would not prevent sighting of the sign from another vessel or from the air;
(b) on a deck, except as provided for in paragraph 2.2.4 below. Should an awning or
other temporary cover be placed so as to obscure the mark on a deck, the awning or cover shall also be marked. These marks should be placed athwartships with the top of the numbers or letters towards the bow.

2.2.2 Each member of the Commission shall ensure that that the Operator places the WIN:
(a) as high as possible above the waterline on both sides of the vessel and that such parts of the hull as the flare of the bow and the stern are avoided;
(b) in a manner that does not allow the marks to be obscured by the fishing gear whether it is stowed or in use;
(c) so that they are clear of flow from scuppers or overboard discharges including areas which might be prone to damage or discolouration from the catch of certain types of
species; and,
(d) so that they do not extend below the waterline.

2.2.3 Undecked vessels shall not be required to display the WIN on a horizontal surface.  However, operators should be encouraged by the member of the Commission, where practical, to fit a board on which the WIN is placed so that it may be clearly seen from the air.

2.2.4 Boats, skiffs and craft carried by the vessel for fishing operations shall bear the same WIN as the vessel concerned.

2.2.5 The members of the Commission shall ensure that operators of vessels comply with the following in placing the WIN on the vessel:
(a) that block lettering and numbering is used throughout;
(b) that the width of the letters and numbers is in proportion to the height;
(c) the height (h) of the letters and numbers is in proportion to the size of the vessel shall be in accordance with the following:
(i) for the WIN to be placed on the hull, superstructure and/or inclined surfaces:
Length of vessel overall (LOA) in
metres (m)
Height of letters and numbers in
metres (m) is not less than:
25 m and over 1.0 m
20 m but less than 25 m 0.8 m
15 m but less than 20 m 0.6 m
12 m but less than 15 m 0.4 m
5 m but less than 12 m 0.3 m
Under 5 m 0.1 m

(ii) for the WIN to be placed on deck: the height is not less than 0.3 m for all
classes of vessels of 5 m and over;

(d) the length of the hyphen is half the height of the letters and numbers; 

(e) the width of the stroke for all letters, numbers and the hyphen is h/6;

(f) the space between letters and/or numbers does not exceed h/4 nor be less than h/6;

(g) the space between adjacent letters having sloping sides does not exceed h/8 nor be less than h/10 ; for example A V.

(h) the WIN is white on a black background, or black on a white background;

(i) the background shall extend to provide a border around the WIN of not less than h/6;

(j) good quality marine paint is used throughout;

(k) the WIN meets the requirements of these Specifications where retro-reflective or heat generating substances are used; and,

(l) the WIN and the background are maintained in good condition at all times.

Operational requirements for fishing vessels
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Vessel marking and identification
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CCM submitted a statement in ARPt2 that:
a. confirms CCM’s implementation through adoption of a national binding measure that requires CCM flagged vessel operators to mark their vessels in accordance with the marking and technical specification requirements of paragraphs 2.1 and 2.2 CMM 2004-03.
b. describes how CCM is monitoring and ensuring that its flagged vessels are marked in accordance with the marking and technical specification requirements of paragraphs 2.1 and 2.2 CMM 2004-03, and how the CCM responds to potential infringements or instances of non-compliance with the relevant requirement.
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