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Annual report of catches and fishing effort north of the equator directed at ALB
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All CCMs shall report annually to the WCPFC Commission all catches of albacore north of the equator and all fishing effort north of the equator in fisheries directed at albacore. The reports for both catch and fishing effort shall be made by gear type. Catches shall be reported in terms of weight. Fishing effort shall be reported in terms of the most relevant measures for a given gear type, including at a minimum for all gear types, the number of vessel-days fished1.   footnote 1: The first such report shall be due on April 30th, 2006 and shall cover calendar year 2004. Small Island Developing States will make their best efforts to comply with this first reporting deadline.   WCPFC10 clarified that the reporting responsibility rests with the flag State
Quantitative limits for tuna and billfish
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Albacore fishing effort and vessel limit
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