CMM 2007-02 9a and SSPs 2.8

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Flag States to ensure vessels comply with WCPFC established requirements and communicate data as required: VTAF enables this to occur
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9. Obligation of CCMs (a)  Each flag CCM shall ensure that fishing vessels on the high seas in the Convention Area comply with the requirements established by the Commission for the purposes of the Commission VMS and are equipped with ALCs that shall communicate such data as determined by the Commission.   VMS SSPs 2.  Methods to ensure ALCs comply with WCPFC standards 8.  The Secretariat will administer a Commission VMS database.  For each fishing vessel required to report to the Commission VMS the flag CCM will submit all necessary data to complete its data file in the Commission VMS database.  This data will include the name of the vessel, unique vessel identification number (UVI)1, radio call sign, length, gross registered tonnage, power of engine expressed in kilowatts/horsepower, types of fishing gear(s) used as well as the make, model, unique network identifier (user ID) and equipment identifier (manufacturer's serial number) of the ALC that vessel will be using to fulfill its Commission VMS reporting requirements.
Operational requirements for fishing vessels
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