CMM 2009-06 25

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PS prohibition to tranship at sea
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25. In accordance with Article 29 (5) of the Convention, transhipment at sea by purse seine vessels shall be prohibited except in respect of exemptions granted by the Commission for:
a. existing group seine operations composed of small purse seine boats (fish hold capacity of 600 mt or less) flagged to Papua New Guinea and Philippines that meet the following conditions:
i. operate in tandem with freezer carrier boat/s to freeze the catch or if operating closer to base with ice carrier boat/s to store the fish,
ii. operate as one group together with their support vessels such as freezer carrier boat/s and/or ice carrier boat/s.
iii. undertake transhipment when refrigerated or other ice carrier boats dock alongside catcher boats and tranship fish from the catcher boats
b. transhipment activities involving New Zealand flagged domestic purse-seine vessels where the fishing activity, transhipment and landing of fish all take place within New Zealand fisheries waters in accordance with New Zealand’s existing legal and operational framework for monitoring and control of transhipment activity and the verification of catch.
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Transhipment management
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