CMM 2009-09 01-05

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Vessels without Nationality
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1. Declare that fishing vessels determined to be vessels without nationality under the relevant provisions of international law that are used to fish on the high seas of the Convention Area are presumed to be operating in contravention of the Convention and the conservation and management measures adopted thereunder.
2. Further declare that any fishing activities by a fishing vessel without nationality on the high seas of the Convention Area shall be deemed to undermine the Convention and Commission conservation and management measures and shall constitute a serious violation in accordance with Article 25 of the Convention.
3. For the purpose of this measure, vessels without nationality means vessels not flying the flag of any state or vessels flying the flag of two or more states in accordance with Article 92 of UNCLOS.4. Encourages CCMs to take all necessary measures, including enacting domestic legislation if appropriate, to prevent vessels without nationality from undermining conservation and management measures adopted by the Commission.
5. Any sightings of fishing vessels that appear to be without nationality that may be fishing in the high seas of the Convention Area for species covered by the WCPF Convention shall be reported to the Secretariat as soon as possible by the appropriate authorities of the CCM whose vessel or aircraft made the sighting.
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