CMM 2011-02 9a VMS SSPs 7.2.2

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CCMs to conduct periodic audits of ALC/MTUs of its vessels and report results to the Commission (AR Pt 2)
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2. Methods to ensure ALCs comply with WCPFC standards   9. Periodic audits of a representative sample of installed ALCs are to be carried out by CCMs to verify that the specification and standards as set out in Annex 1 are being complied with, and that there is no visible evidence of tampering.
11. CCMs are responsible for ensuring that the audits are conducted by qualified operatives, such as officers currently authorised under CCM national fisheries legislation.
13. The results of these audits will be provided to the Commission in the part 2 component of the annual report to the Commission by the CCMs and those results compiled by the Secretariat into a VMS Audit Report Document.   7.2 CCMs
2. To conduct and report results of ALC inspections in accordance to procedures established for that purpose, results to include data specified in Section 2 above.
Operational requirements for fishing vessels
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