CMM 2013-07 04-05

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Requirements to assist with Capacity Development of Personnel of SIDS and Territories
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Capacity Development of Personnel

4.  CCMs shall cooperate directly or through the Commission, to support the capacity development of nationals of SIDS and territories within the Convention Area in any fisheries or related discipline, including the sponsorship of academic study and training programmes.

 5.  CCMs shall provide, directly or through the Commission, support and assistance to develop the capacity of nationals of SIDS and territories, including through:

a. individualized training, including internships;
b. institutional support to regional or sub-regional training programs for observers, including through providing financial and technical support to enhance existing programs; 
c. technical training and assistance in data collection, scientific research, stock assessment, bycatch mitigation, fisheries science and management, fisheries administration and bioeconomic analysis, including through in-country training, workshops, academic exchanges and secondments; and
d. training related to monitoring, control and surveillance activities, including through in-country training, workshops, secondments and other personnel exchanges.  

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The Secretariat confirms that CCM submitted information in AR Pt 2 on any assistance it provided to SIDS/T in accordance with CMM 2013-07, or CCM submitted information on any assistance required.
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