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Requirement to notify any additions, modifications and deletions of Vessels from the record, including for each vessel all details as set out in paragraph 6 of this CMM
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7.  After 1 July 2005, each member of the Commission shall notify the Executive Director, within 15 days, or in any case within 72 hours before commencement of fishing activities in the Convention Area by the vessel concerned, of:
(a) any vessel added to its Record along with the information set forth in paragraph 6;
(b) any change in the information referred to in paragraph 6 with respect to any vessel on its record; and
(c) any vessel deleted from its record along with the reason for such deletion in accordance with article 24 (6) of the Convention,

6. Each member of the Commission shall submit, electronically where possible, to the Executive Director the following information with respect to each vessel entered in its record:
(a) name of the fishing vessel, registration number, WCPFC Identification Number (WIN), previous names (if known) and port of registry;
(b) name and address of the owner or owners;
(c) name and nationality of the master;
(d) previous flag (if any);
(e) International Radio Call sign
(f) vessel communication types and numbers (Inmarsat A, B and C numbers and satellite telephone number);
(g) colour photograph of the vessel;
(h) where and when the vessel was built;
(i) type of vessel;
(j) normal crew complement;
(k) type of fishing method or methods;
(l) length (specify type and metric);
(m) moulded depth (specify metric);
(n) beam (specify metric);
(o) gross registered tonnage (GRT) or gross tonnage (GT);
(p) power of main engine or engines (specify metric);
(q) carrying capacity, including freezer type, capacity and number, fish hold capacity and capacity of freezer chambers (specify metric); and
(r) the form and number of the authorization granted by the flag State including any specific areas, species and time periods for which it is valid.

….(s) International Maritime Organisation (IMO) number or Lloyds Register (LR) number, if issued.*

*Footnote: Effective 1 January 2016, flag CCMs shall ensure that all their fishing vessels that are authorized to be used for fishing in the Convention Area beyond the flag CCM’s area under national jurisdiction and that are at least 100 GT or 100 GRT in size have IMO or LR numbers issued to them.


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