CMM 2014-02 9a

Status: Active
Included in ARPt2
Included in CMR
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Applies to Flag CCMs with vessels on the WCPFC RFV
Fishing vessels comply with the Commission standards for WCPFC VMS including being fitted with ALC/MTU that meet Commission requirements
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9. Obligation of CCMs
(a) Each flag CCM shall ensure that fishing vessels on the high seas in the Convention Area comply with the requirements established by the Commission for the purposes of the Commission VMS and are equipped with ALCs that shall communicate such data as determined by the Commission.

Template for reporting implementation in AR Pt2 (Annex 2 of CMM 2014-02 adopted in Dec 2021)

(Proposed New): “Have flag CCMs adopted national measures or management plans to implement CMM 2014-02 9a?
Please specify such mechanism, including the measures requiring vessels to install ALC units that are on the Commission ALC/MTU Approval List, and actions
when vessels that are “fishing in the Convention Area beyond their area under national jurisdiction” unexpectedly stop reporting to the Commission VMS.” 

footnote 4: Monitoring CCMs compliance with this item can be streamlined if 1) CCMs monitor and update their vessel’s status (e.g., “In Port”, “Out of Convention Area”, “Manual Reporting”, “new VTAF data submitted to Secretariat”, etc.) using the new interactive utility in the VRST at least every 31 days, and 2) the Secretariat updates all vessels’ VTAF submission status on a daily basis as outlined in the draft revised VMS SOPs. In that case, CCMs may simply refer to their VRST review/update process in response to relevant AR Pt 2 questions.

Operational requirements for fishing vessels
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Audit Point Definition
CCM submitted a statement in ARPt2 that:

a. confirms CCM’s implementation through adoption of a national binding measure that requires its flagged fishing vessels to comply with the Commission standards (contained in CMM 2014-02 and the VMS SSPs) for WCPFC VMS including being fitted with ALCs/MTUs that meet Commission requirements.

b. describes how CCM is monitoring and ensuring that its flagged fishing vessels meet the Commission’s VMS standards and requirements and how the CCM responds to potential infringements or instances of non-compliance with the relevant requirement.
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