CMM 2016-01 16 footnote 3

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Advice of purse seine vessels to be exempted or managed outside the FAD set limits
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footnote 3: Purse seine vessels flagged to a developing coastal state member smaller than 50 m LOA (13+36=49 vessels currently on the WCPFC Record of Fishing Vessels) are exempted from this reduction requirement described in paragraphs 16 -18. When a SIDS CCM chooses limitation of annual FAD sets stipulated in paragraphs 16 -18, purse seine vessels newly introduced after January 1 2010 are managed outside of the FAD set limit for that CCM for 3 years following their introduction. After 3 years the FAD sets/total sets by those vessels shall be incorporated into the calculation of the baseline figure for that CCM. Those purse seine vessels exempted or managed outside the FAD set limit shall be notified to the Secretariat by 31 March 2014 or within 15 days of vessels introduced after this date.
Additional measures for tropical tunas
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Purse seine fishery FAD set management
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