CMM 2016-01 50

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Notifications of new purse vessels for which building approval has already been granted which will be considered in the setting of the capacity limit in CMM 2016-01
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50. The concerned CCMs shall ensure that any new LSPSV constructed or purchased to replace a previous vessel or vessels, shall have a carrying capacity or well volume no larger than the vessel(s) being replaced, or shall not increase the catch or effort in the Convention Area from the level of the vessels being replaced. In such case, the authorization of the replaced vessel shall be immediately revoked. Notwithstanding the first sentence in this paragraph, for those vessels for which building approval has already been granted and notified to the Commission before 1 March 2014, the construction of those vessels will be in accordance with existing regulations of the concerned CCMs.
Quantitative limits for tuna and billfish
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Capacity management for certain tropical tuna fleets
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2016, 2017
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