CMM 2016-01 57

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Requirement to provide operational level catch and effort data for China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Chinese Taipei, although subject to a 3 year grace period based on a national plan that is to be submitted to the Commission.
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57. Operational level catch and effort data in accordance with the Standards for the Provision of Operational Level Catch and Effort Data attached to the Rules for
Scientific Data to be Provided to the Commission relating to all fishing in EEZs and high seas south of 20N subject to this CMM except for artisanal small-scale vessels shall be provided to the Commission [footnote 12] not only for the purpose of stocks management but also for the purpose of cooperation to SIDS under Article 30 of the Convention [footnote 13] footnote 12: CCMs which have a practical difficulty in providing operational data from 2015 may take a grace
period of three (3) years under their national plan. This plan shall be provided to the Commission.  Such CCM shall provide operational level data which are collected after the date of lifting domestic constraint.
footnote 13: This paragraph shall not apply to Indonesia, until it changes its national laws so that it can provide
such data. This exception shall expire when such changes take effects, but in any event no later than 31
December 2025. Indonesia will, upon request, make best effort to cooperate in providing operational level data in case of Commission’s stock assessment of those stocks under a data handling agreement to be separately made with the Scientific Provider
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