CMM 2016-03 10

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Notification from observer provider of WCPFC ROP observer safety incident after the observer has disembarked the vessel (possible violation involving assault or harassment of an observer while on a fishing vessel), and report of investigation by flag CCM
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10. In the event that, after disembarkation from a fishing vessel of a WCPFC ROP observer, an observer provider identifies—such as during the course of debriefing the observer—a possible violation involving assault or harassment of the observer while on board the fishing vessel, the observer provider shall notify, in writing, the flag CCM and the Secretariat, and the flag CCM shall:
a. investigate the event based on the information provided by the observer provider and take any appropriate action in response to the results of the investigation;
b. cooperate fully in any investigation conducted by the observer provider, including providing the report to the observer provider and appropriate authorities of the incident; and
c. notify the observer provider and the Secretariat of the results of its investigation and any actions taken.
Observer activity related requirement
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Observer welfare and safety
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