CMM 2017-02 13-14

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Requirement for Inspection report to be provided if inspection is undertaken by Port CCM
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13. If an inspection, as per paragraph 12, is undertaken by the port CCM, a report on the outcome (inspection report) shall be provided to the requesting CCM, to the flag CCM and to the Executive Director as soon as practicable, and in any case within 15 days of such request. Where a port CCM cannot provide a report within 15 days, that port CCM shall notify the requesting CCM, flag CCM and the WCPFC Executive Director of the expected date that the inspection report will be provided.
14. On completion of an inspection, the port inspector shall provide a copy of an interim report on the vessel inspection to the vessel master prior to leaving the vessel.
Inspection activity related requirement
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Port State measures
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The Secretariat confirms through the relevant requesting CCM and the port CCM that a port inspection report was provided, where requested.
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