CMM 2018-04 05 (a-d)

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Included in ARPt2
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Applies to Flag CCMs with purse seine vessels on the WCPFC RFV
Annual reporting requirement for incidents involving sea turtles in purse seine fisheries and of any research on FAD design that reduces sea turtle entanglement
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5.CCMs with purse seine vessels that fish for species covered by the Convention shall 
a. Ensure that operators of such vessels, while fishing in the Convention Area
i. To the extent practicable, avoid encirclement of sea turtles, and if a sea turtle is encircled or entangled, take practicable measures to safely release the turtle.
ii. To the extent practicable, release all sea turtles observed entangled in fish aggregating devices (FADs) or other fishing gear.
iii. If a sea turtle is entangled in the net, stop net roll as soon as the turtle comes out of the water; disentangle the turtle without injuring it before resuming the net roll; and to the extent practicable, assist the recovery of the turtle before returning it to the water.
iv. Carry and employ dip nets, when appropriate, to handle turtles.
b. Require that operators of such vessels record all incidents involving sea turtles during fishing operations and report such incidents to the appropriate authorities of the CCM.
c.Provide the results of the reporting under paragraph 5(b) to the Commission in their annual reporting of Scientific Data to be Provided to the Commission.
d. Provide to the Commission the results of any research related to the development of modified FAD designs to reduce sea turtle entanglement and take measures to encourage the use of designs found to be successful at such reduction.

Mitigating impacts of fishing on species of special interest
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Annual report on implementation
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The Secretariat confirms that reporting by CCM fishing vessels on interactions with sea turtles is also reported by CCM in its Scientific Data Provision requirements.
Where a CCM is undertaking research on FAD designs that reduce sea turtle entanglement, the Secretariat confirms receipt of CCM’s research results.
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