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Request from CCM for TCC and the Commission to consider endorsing alternative measures to fins naturally attached from those listed in para 9
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10. In case that a CCM wishes to allow its fishing vessels operating on the high seas to use any measure other than the three alternatives in paragraph 9 (1) – (3), it shall present it to TCC. If TCC endorses it, it shall be submitted to the subsequent annual meeting for endorsement.  9. Notwithstanding paragraph 8, in 2020, 2021 and 2022, CCMs may take alternative measures as listed below to ensure that individual shark carcasses and their corresponding fins can be easily identified on board the vessel at any time:
(1) Each individual shark carcass and its corresponding fins are stored in the same bag, preferably biodegradable one;
(2) Each individual shark carcass is bound to the corresponding fins using rope or wire;
(3) Identical and uniquely numbered tags are attached to each shark carcass and its corresponding fins in a manner that inspectors can easily identify the matching of the carcass and fins at any time. Both the carcasses and fins shall be stored on board in the same hold.  Notwithstanding this requirement, a CCM may allow its fishing vessels to store the carcasses and corresponding fins in different holds if the fishing vessel maintains a record or logbook that shows where the tagged fins and correspondingly tagged carcasses are stored, in a manner that they are easily identified by inspectors.
Mitigating impacts of fishing on species of special interest
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Shark mitigation and fishery management
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