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Report on any biological sampling of oceanic whitetip shark and silky shark conducted as part of a CCM project (and Part 2 Annual Report)
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20. Oceanic whitetip shark and silky shark(4) Observers shall be allowed to collect biological samples from oceanic whitetip sharks and silky shark caught in the Convention Area that are dead on haulback in the WCPO, provided that the samples are part of a research project of that CCM or the SC.  In the case that sampling is conducted as a CCM project, that CCM shall report it in their Part 2 Annual Report. Annex 2: Template for reporting implementation of this CMM. Each CCM shall include the following information in Part 2 of its annual report:
6. A report on sampling programs for oceanic whitetip sharks and silky shark as a CCM project as referred to in para 20 (4)
Mitigating impacts of fishing on species of special interest
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Shark mitigation and fishery management
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