CMM 2019-05 (04-06, 08, 10)

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Included in ARPt2
Included in CMR
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Applies to Flag CCMs with vessels on the WCPFC RFV
Prohibit retaining/transhipping/storing/landing mobulid rays
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1. This Conservation and Management Measure (CMM) shall apply to all fishing vessels operating in the high seas and/or exclusive economic zones of the Convention area and flagged to Members, Cooperating Non-Members and Participating Territories (CCMs), and authorized to fish for highly migratory fish stocks in the Convention Area.

2. For the purpose of this CMM, “mobulid rays” means species of the family Mobulidae, which includes manta rays and mobula rays.

4. CCMs shall prohibit their vessels from retaining on board, transhipping, or landing any part or whole carcass of mobulid rays caught in the Convention Area.

5. CCMs shall require their fishing vessels to promptly release alive and unharmed, to the extent practicable, mobulid rays as soon as possible, and to do so in a manner that will result in the least possible harm to the individuals captured. CCMs should encourage their fishing vessels to implement the handling practices detailed in Annex 1, while taking into consideration the safety of the crew.

6. Notwithstanding paragraph 4, in the case of mobulid rays that are unintentionally caught and landed as part of a purse seine vessel’s operation, the vessel must, at the point of landing or transhipment, surrender the whole mobulid ray to the responsible governmental authorities, or other competent authority, or discard them where possible. Mobulid rays surrendered in this manner may not be sold or bartered but may be donated for purposes of domestic human consumption.

7. CCMs shall advise the Commission (in Part 2 of their Annual Report) on implementation of this CMM.

8. CCMs shall ensure that fishers are aware of proper mitigation, identification, handling and releasing techniques and should encourage them to keep on board all necessary equipment for the safe release of mobulid rays. For this purpose, CCMs are encouraged to use the handling practices  included as Annex 1.

10. Observers shall be allowed to collect biological samples of mobulid rays caught in the WCPFC Convention Area that are dead at haul-back.

Mitigating impacts of fishing on species of special interest
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Shark mitigation and fishery management
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Implementation (Included in CMR)
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Audit Point Definition
CCM submitted a statement in AR Pt 2 that:
a.    confirms CCM’s implementation through adoption of a national binding measure that: prohibits its flagged vessels from retaining on board, transhipping, or landing any part or whole carcass of a mobulid ray, and require prompt release alive and unharmed any mobulid ray that is caught, in accordance with safe handling practices in the CMM; requires CCM PS vessel operators to surrender any unintentionally caught and landed mobulid rays to the relevant government authorities at the point of landing or transshipment, or discard them where possible, and allows observers to collect biological samples of mobulid rays that are caught and dead at haul back
b.    describes how the CCM is monitoring its flagged vessels to ensure the requirements are met and how potential infringements or instances of non-compliance with this requirement are handled.
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Category: Implementation
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2021, 2022
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