CMM 2021-01 17

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Included in ARP2
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Required FAD design and construction specification requirements to reduce the risk of entanglement of sharks, sea turtles or other species (effective 1 Jan 2024)
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Non-entangling FADs
17.    To reduce the risk of entanglement of sharks, sea turtles or any other species, as from 1st January 2024,* CCMs shall ensure that the design and construction of any FAD to be deployed in, or that drifts into, the WCPFC Convention Area shall comply with the following specifications:
(a) The use of mesh net shall be prohibited for any part of a FAD.
(b) If the raft is covered, only non-entangling material and designs shall be used.
(c) The subsurface structure shall only be made using non-entangling materials.

*footnote 2 This timeframe may be extended where there are extraordinary circumstances which make implementation impossible. Due to legislative constraints, Indonesia will have an additional 2 years to implement subparagraph (a).
Additional measures for tropical tunas
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Purse seine fishery FAD set management
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