CMM 2022-04 06

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Assessment of need for National Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of sharks and/or as appropriate status and details of such plans (provide in Part 2 Annual Report)
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6. CCMs should implement, as appropriate, the FAO International Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks (IPOA). For implementation of the IPOA, each CCM should, as appropriate, include its National Plan of Action for sharks in Part 2 Annual Report.

Annex 2: Template for reporting implementation of this CMM. Each CCM shall include the following information in Part 2 of its annual report:
2.    Results of their assessment of the need for a National Plan of Action and/or the status of their National Plans of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks, as appropriate

3.    Details of National Plan of Action, as appropriate, for implementation of IPOA Sharks in para 6 that includes:
(1)    details of NPOA objectives; and
(2)    species and fleet covered by NPOA as well as catches thereby
(3)    measures to minimize waste and discards from shark catches and encourage the live release of incidental catches of sharks;
(4)    work plan and a review process for NPOA implementation
Mitigating impacts of fishing on species of special interest
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Annual report on implementation
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