CMM 2022-04 Annex 2 09

Status: Active
Included in ARPt2
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Applicability Definition
Applies to flag CCMs with purse seine vessels on the RFV
Annual report on any instances in which whale sharks have been encircled by purse seine nets of flagged vessels (provide in Part 2 Annual Report)
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Annex 2: Template for reporting implementation of this CMM. Each CCM shall include the following information in Part 2 of its annual report:
9. Any instances in which whale sharks have been encircled by purse seine nets of their flagged vessels, including the details required under para 21 (5)(b).

21. Whale shark
(5) CCMs shall require that, in the event that a whale shark is incidentally encircled in the purse seine net, the master of the vessel shall:
(b) report the incident to the relevant authority of the flag State, including the number of individuals, details of how and why the encirclement happened, where it occurred, steps taken to ensure safe release, and an assessment of the life status of the whale shark on release.

Mitigating impacts of fishing on species of special interest
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Annual report on implementation
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Category: Report
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Audit Point Definition
Refer to Audit Point Definition for CMM 2022-04 25
The Secretariat confirms CCM submitted a report in AR Pt2 that addresses each of the elements contained in the template at Annex 2 of the CMM.
CCM limits not applicable for this obligation
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