CMM 2022-05 02

Status: Active
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Requirements and specifications to implement CMM 2018-06 paragraph 6 (submit completed vessel record data for vessels authorised to fish beyond its flag CCMs areas under national jurisdiction)
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Responsibilities of CCMs
It shall be the responsibility of CCMs to:
2. Submit complete vessel record data to the WCFPC Secretariat that meet the structure and format specifications of Attachment 1, and submit vessel photographs that meet the specifications of Attachment 2;

footnote 3: Although vessels with only the minimum required data will be added to and maintained on the RFV, this does not relieve the responsible CCM of its obligations to provide all the data required under the WCPFC’s applicable conservation and management measures. The consequences of failing to provide such data will be specified outside of these SSPs, such as in the WCPFC’s compliance monitoring scheme.
Operational requirements for fishing vessels
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RFV reporting requirements
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