CMM 2023-01 14

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Annual advice on choice and implementation of one additional month high seas purse seine FAD closure (April, May, Nov or Dec)
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In addition to the one and a half month FAD closure in paragraph 13, except for those vessels flying the Kiribati flag when fishing in the high seas adjacent to the Kiribati exclusive economic zone, and Philippines’ vessels operating in HSP1 in accordance with Attachment 2, it shall be prohibited to deploy, service or set on FADs in the high seas for one additional month of the year. Each CCM shall decide which one month (either April, May, November or December) shall be closed to setting on FADs by their fleets in the high seas for 2024, 2025, 2026 and notify the Secretariat of that decision by March 1, each year. In case a CCM decides to change the notified period at any given year of the application of this CMM this shall be notified to the Secretariat before 1st March of that year.

Additional measures for tropical tunas
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Purse seine fishery FAD set management
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