CMM 2023-01 22

Status: Active
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Applicability Definition
Applies to flag CCMs with purse seine vessels on the RFV
Requirement to encourage vessels to manage FADs deployed and make reasonable efforts to retrieve and report lost FADs
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  1. CCMs shall also encourage their flag vessels to:
    (a) responsibly manage the number of drifting FADs deployed each year;
    (b) carry equipment on board to facilitate the retrieval of lost drifting FADs;
    (c) make reasonable efforts to retrieve lost drifting FADs;
    (d) report the loss of drifting FADs to CCM fisheries authorities, and if the
    loss occurred in the EEZ of a coastal State, also report the loss to the coastal
    State concerned; and
    (e) initiate retrieval programs for lost, abandoned or stranded FADs through
    cooperative initiatives among fishing vessels or other vessels implementing
    programmes for the recovery of such FADs.
  2.  CCMs are encouraged to report annually to the Commission on the effort to implement
    each item of this paragraph 22(1).
  3. The FADMO IWG shall consider any information provided by CCMs on their
    implementation of paragraph 22(1) to enable the development of recommendations to TCC and
    the Commission on lost, abandoned, or stranded dFADs in 2025.

23. The Commission no later than 2026 based on consideration of the FAD Management Options Working Group shall review the effectiveness of the limit on the number of FADs deployed as set out in paragraph 21 and whether the current limit of 350, or any limit, is appropriate and provide advice on the monitoring of FADs.

Additional measures for tropical tunas
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Purse seine fishery FAD set management
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Category: Report
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Audit Point Definition
CCM submitted a statement in AR Pt2 that:

a. confirms CCM’s implementation through adoption of a national binding measure(s) that limits each of CCM flagged PS vessel to 350 activated instrumented buoys, and that ensures its vessels comply with coastal State laws relating to FAD management.

b. describes how CCM is monitoring its activation and deployment of instrument buoys and how potential infringements or instances of non-compliance with this requirement and coastal State laws relating to FAD management are handled.
CCM limits not applicable for this obligation
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