Convention Article 23 (5)

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Report from CCM on outcome of an investigation, conducted at the request of another Member related to alleged violations of CMMs by its nationals. Summary to be provided in Part 2
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WCPFC5 agreed to adopt the Guidelines for CCMs Part 2 reports (WCPFC5-2008/IP-07, Appendix B) which includes inter alia that CCMs provide in Annual Report Part 2 summary information on summary of investigations conducted, and the outcomes of the investigation including penalties or other actions imposed.  Information provided should be to the level of detail that domestic requirements allow.

Article 23 - Obligations of members of the Commission

5. Each member of the Commission shall, to the greatest extent possible, take measures to ensure that its nationals, and fishing vessels owned or controlled by its nationals fishing in the Convention Area, comply with the provisions of this Convention. To this end, members of the Commission may enter into agreements with States whose flags such vessels are flying to facilitate such enforcement. Each member of the Commission shall, to the greatest extent possible, at the request of any other member, and when provided with the relevant information, investigate any alleged violation by its nationals, or fishing vessels owned or controlled by its nationals, of the provisions of this Convention or any conservation and management measure adopted by the Commission. A report on the progress of the investigation, including details of any action taken or proposed to be taken in relation to the alleged violation, shall be provided to the member making the request and to the Commission as soon as practicable and in any case within two months of such request and a report on the outcome of the investigation shall be provided when the investigation is completed.

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The Secretariat confirms that CCM provided updates to their case information contained in the Online Compliance Case File System.
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