Convention Article 24 (3)

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Requirement that condition of every authorization issued by flag CCM that the fishing vessel operates (i) in the high seas in accordance with Annex III and (ii) in areas under national jurisdiction only if it has required license/permits from coastal CCM
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Article 24
Flag State duties
3. It shall be a condition of every authorization issued by a member of the Commission that the fishing vessel in respect of which the authorization is issued:
(a) conducts fishing within areas under the national jurisdiction of other States only where the fishing
vessel holds any licence, permit or authorization that may be required by such other State; and
(b) is operated on the high seas in the Convention Area in accordance with the requirements of Annex
III, the requirements of which shall also be established as a general obligation of all vessels operating pursuant to this Convention.
Operational requirements for fishing vessels
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Vessel authorisation requirements
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