Convention Article 25 (4)

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Responses by CCMs to serious violations by its vessels
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4. Each member of the Commission shall ensure that, where it has been established, in accordance with its laws, that a fishing vessel flying its flag has been involved in the commission of a serious violation of the provisions of this Convention or of any conservation and management measures adopted by the Commission, the vessel concerned ceases fishing activities and does not engage in such activities in the Convention Area until such time as all outstanding sanctions imposed by the flag State in respect of the violation have been complied with.  Where the vessel concerned has conducted unauthorized fishing within areas under the national jurisdiction of any coastal State Party to this Convention, the flag State shall, in accordance with its laws, ensure that the vessel complies promptly with any sanctions which may be imposed by such coastal State in accordance with its national laws and regulations or shall impose appropriate sanctions in accordance with paragraph 7. For the purposes of this article, a serious violation shall include any of the violations specified in article 21, paragraphs 11 (a) to (h) of the Agreement and such other violations as may be determined by the Commission.
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