CMM 2017-03 09

Status: Active
Included in ARPt2
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Applies to Port CCMs (generally)
Port CCM to facilitate entry of a fishing vessel where observe safety incident has been reported
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If any of the events in paragraphs 3 – 7 occur (a WCPFC ROP observer dies, is missing or presumed fallen overboard, OR a WCPFC ROP observer suffers from a serious illness or injury that threatens his or her health or safety, OR there are reasonable grounds to believe a WCPFC ROP observer has been assaulted, intimidated, threatened, or harassed such that their health or safety is endangered and the observer or the observer provider indicates to the CCM to which the fishing vessel is flagged that they wish for the observer to be removed from the fishing vessel) port CCMs, shall facilitate entry of the fishing vessel to allow disembarkation of the WCPFC ROP observer and, to the extent possible, assist in any investigations if so requested by the flag CCM.

Observer activity related requirement
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Port State measures
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Category: Report
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The Secretariat confirms that port CCMs submitted a statement in AR Pt2 that confirms, in the event that any observer safety issues outlined in paragraphs 3 to 7 occurred, it facilitated port entry for fishing vessels carrying WCPFC ROP observers and facilitated safe disembarkation of WCPFC ROP observers.
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Category: Report
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