CMM 2018-04 07 (d, e)

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Applies to Flag CCMs with longline vessels on the WCPFC RFV
Annual reporting requirement for incidents involving sea turtles in shallow-set longline fisheries
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7. CCMs with longline vessels that fish in a shallow-set manner* shall
7.CCMs with longline vessels that fish in a shallow-set manner* shall
a. Ensure that the operators of such vessels, while in the Convention Area, are required to employ or implement at least one of the following three methods to mitigate the capture of sea turtles
i. Use only large circle hooks, which are fishing hooks that are generally circular or oval in shape and originally designed and manufactured so that the point is turned perpendicularly back to the shank. These hooks shall have an offset not to exceed 10 degrees.
ii.Use only finfish for bait.
iii.Use any other measure, mitigation plan** or activity that has been reviewed by the Scientific Committee (SC) and the Technical and Compliance Committee (TCC) and approved by the Commission to be capable of reducing the interaction rate (observed numbers per hooks fished) of turtles in shallow-set longline fisheries.
b.The requirements of paragraph 7(a) need not be applied to those shallow-set longline fisheries determined by the SC, based on information provided by the relevant CCM, to have minimal*** observed interaction rates of sea turtles over a three-year period and a level of observer coverage of at least 10% during each of those three years.
7. CCMs with longline vessels that fish in a shallow-set manner* shall
c. For the purpose of implementing this paragraph (7), establish and enforce their own operational definitions of shallow-set longline fisheries, large circle hooks, and any measures under 7(a)(iii) or adopted by the Commission under paragraph 12, ensuring that they are as enforceable as possible, and report these definitions to the Commission in Part 2 of their annual reports.
d.Provide for their longline vessels to record all incidents involving sea turtles during fishing operations and report such incidents to the appropriate authorities of the CCM.<
e.Provide the results of the reporting under paragraph 7(d) in their annual reporting of Scientific Data to be Provided to the Commission.

* footnote 1“Shallow-set” fisheries are generally to be considered those in which the majority of hooks fish at depth shallower than 100 meters; however pursuant to paragraph 7(c) CCMs are to establish and enforce their own operational definitions.
** footnote 2 A mitigation plan details the actions that will be taken to achieve specified reductions in sea turtle interactions.
*** footnote 3 As determined by SC5.

Mitigating impacts of fishing on species of special interest
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