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CCMs to advise of the results of their annual review of implementation of paragraph 1 of CMM 2018-06 (RECORD OF FISHING VESSELS)
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16.            CCMs shall review their own internal actions and measures taken pursuant to paragraph 1, including sanctions and punitive actions and, in a manner consistent with domestic law as regards disclosure, report annually to the Commission the results of the review. In consideration of the results of such review, the Commission shall, if appropriate, request that the Flag State, or member, of vessels on the Record or the Register take further action to enhance compliance by those vessels with WCPFC conservation and management measures. A.         Authorization to fish1.         Each member** of the Commission shall:(a)            authorize its vessels to fish in the Convention Area, consistent with article 24 of the Convention, only where it is able to exercise effectively its responsibilities in respect of such vessels under the 1982 Convention, the Agreement and this Convention;(b)               take necessary measures to ensure that its vessels comply with conservation and management measures adopted pursuant to the Convention;(c)            take necessary measures to ensure that fishing for highly migratory fish stocks in the Convention Area is conducted only by vessels flying the flag of a member of the Commission, and in respect of non-member carriers and bunkers, in accordance with Section D of this Measure;(d)         take necessary measures to ensure that any fishing vessel flying its flag conducts fishing in areas under the national jurisdiction of another State only where the vessel holds an appropriate license, permit or authorization, as may be required by such other State;(e)          undertake to manage the number of authorizations to fish and the level of fishing effort commensurate with the fishing opportunities available to that member in the Convention Area;(f)         ensure that no authorization to fish in the Convention Area is issued to a vessel that has a history of illegal, unreported or unregulated (IUU) fishing, unless the ownership of the vessel has subsequently changed  and  the  new owner  has  provided  sufficient evidence  demonstrating that  the previous owner or operator has no legal, beneficial or financial interest in, or control of the vessels, or the member concerned is satisfied that, having taken into account all relevant facts, the vessel is no longer engaged in or associated with IUU fishing;(g)         withdraw authorizations to fish consistent with article 25(4) of the Convention;(h)               take into account the history of violations by fishing vessels and operators when considering applications for authorization to fish by fishing vessels flying its flag;(i)           take necessary measures to ensure that the owners of the vessels on the Record flying its flag are citizens, residents or legal entities within its jurisdiction so that any control or punitive actions can be effectively taken against them.** footnote 2:- The term “member” when used in this measure includes cooperating non-members
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The Secretariat confirms that CCM submitted a report on the results of their review of their internal actions and measures taken pursuant to paragraph 1 of CMM 2018-06, including sanctions and punitive actions, and in a manner consistent with domestic law as regards disclosure.
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